Sometimes a company or individual contact's me & can ask to purchase work, have work created or even (or be it rarely) remove work from one of my stores, its possible i might inadvertently create or be commissioned for a piece where the work might in breach of a (newly applied or other) copyright or some other reason i am not aware of at the time of creation.  (for example i could have created a piece in 2006, where there was no copyright, but there is in 2022, this can happen with locations, or it was difficult to discover if there was a copyright).
Lets work together!
If you would like me to remove or create a piece then please get in touch, i'd be very happy to hear from you, i want to uphold the integrity of your copyright so i'm absolutely delighted to help, you can also choose to work with me to produce new posters to promote your location, this is the most common request.

Thank you!
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